January 29, 2013

English accent

I am often silly with the kids and we have British accent days.  Paige told me the other day, "If I had a British accent, I would never shut up".  Neither would I, Paige.  Neither would I.

1st class

We were going on vacation and about to board the plane.  "We ask that all 1st class passengers board.." was announced.  Abby said loudy, "I bet we aren't 1st class are we?  Are we 2nd class people?  I mean, what are we if we aren't 1st class?"  A number of passengers got a kick out of Abby's observation.

September 25, 2012

Waste not... Want not.

"Why even bother putting vegetables on my plate mom? I mean, I just want to help you to not waste food because you KNOW I won't eat them.." Abby....My little negotiator.

September 22, 2012

Making babies

Abby and Paige were telling us the story of how mom and dad dated other people, then they found each other, then they got married... Abby adds to thee story, "Then mom peed out 2 babies..."  The entire family stopped.  Realized, yes.. yes she told us that I peed out babies.  I think wee have a lot to talk about in the coming years.

August 29, 2012

Eyeglass Appointment

I took Aby to the eye doctor the other day. Paige went with us. As Abby sat in the chair and waited for the doctor to arrive she looked aroun and told me and Paige, "It feels like we are locked in a room with a bunch of medical equipment!" Paige responded quickly. "YOU ARE!"

June 29, 2012

Like Mother Like Daughter

Paige and I were talking this morning about how she and I get told often how much we look alike. We laughed as we agreed that neither of us see the resemblance. Paige then said, "When people tell me, " You look like your mom", I say, "Is that a compliment or a criticism?"" I couldn't help but burst in laughter.

June 10, 2012

Fisherman accent

We went to Cedar Point yesterday. Paige said there was a man that pointed to a garder snake in the grass. "He said it in a Fisherman's accent". When asked what exactly a Fisherman's accent was, she responded, " Like those guys that fish on hillbilly handfishing, like they are from the south".